About Us

As an intellectual property legal consulting firm for the past 27 years, the Rossi Organization has nationally and internationally transformed the concept of traditional legal recruiting. We pride ourselves on representing attorneys’ interests in their career moves, instead of the law firms’ interests. Traditionally, legal recruiting firms are structured from an operational standpoint to service law firms by assisting them on filling their jobs. They compete among themselves to provide law firms with the best candidate match for the law firms’ jobs. Many legal recruiting firms’ websites speak clearly to this. This approach is 100% focused on fulfilling the law firm’s needs, NOT the attorneys. The majority of the time the focus stays on satisfying the law firm’s needs while the attorney’s needs get lost in the process.

The Rossi Organization has spent years designing and perfecting an operational organization that is set up to cater and service the needs of IP attorneys in their quest to find the right opportunity for themselves, one that not only fits their current needs and desires but puts them on a trajectory to obtain their long-term career goals. Our organization provides services to an IP attorney—such as protecting their identity and exclusivity while shopping the marketplace—that an IP attorney cannot do on their own. Our commitment to research in the IP marketplace is unprecedented compared to that of a traditional legal recruiting firm. Our years of steadfast focus within the IP Legal Marketplace have enabled us to build long-lasting relationships with the leaders of the industry. These longstanding relationships, coupled with our exclusive attorney service based model, enable us to vet and shop the entire marketplace on behalf of the attorneys we represent. Our organization will never give up on an IP attorney that we engage to represent when the going gets tough. We knock down barriers and overcome objections. We prepare our clients for success. We work relentlessly until we get to the end-game, and that end-game is to win and succeed on behalf of the IP attorney we represent, because losing is not in our vocabulary.